ODIN app

The ODIN app is able to track the interaction between each study participant and (1) Service Stations, (2) other study participants; it also supports (3) recording self-reported data from study participants on a periodic basis. This is achieved by the ODIN app in the following manner:

1. The ODIN app continuously uses Bluetooth technology to monitor the proximity of other cellphones also running the ODIN app. Whenever two phones running ODIN are within 1 meter (determined by Bluetooth signal strength), ODIN assumes that the owners are interacting.
2. Each Service Station with whom contact is to be recorded, is allocated a unique Bluetooth beacon at the outset. The ODIN app on each participant’s phone then passively detects whenever the participant is engaging with the service station, based on the proximity of the two. 
3. Every 24 hours, the ODIN app asks the participant a series of categorical questions assessing daily attitudes, orientations, and behaviors.